Gifting on the Cheap (without being a cheapskate)

Gifting on the Cheap (without being a cheapskate)

Look, we get it. You care about a lot of people and want to show it with some holiday gift giving, but you’re not made of money, right? So how can you share the love without breaking the bank? Turns out, your mom was right all along. People care about the thought that goes into a gift more than the amount of cash you dropped on it. (Well…maybe not everyone. Some shallow people may still insist that you spend a lot on them, but who needs THAT negativity in their life, amiright? But that’s another post for another day.)

If you want to avoid the mall and give something meaningful, the Adulting School’s got your back. We did some crowdsourcing and asked our friends to name their favorite gifts to give and receive that cost nothing – or next to nothing – but mean everything. Here are some of our favorite suggestions, for your gift-giving inspiration. You’ll feel great knowing that your gift was made with the receiver in mind and came from your heart.

Ok, before all this heartfelt talk makes me gag, check out these great cheap/free gift ideas. Read them, pick one, and get on it!

  • Help with tasks that never get done, like organizing photos, declutter storage closet, deep house cleaning, detail car.
  • Handmade cards or notes.
  • Make a coupon to spend time with you. Ideas include picnic lunch, movie night, nature hike, beach day, playing cards or board games.
  • Decorate their room as a surprise.
  • Bake their favorite pie or other sweet treat.
  • Offer a neck/shoulder/foot massage.
  • Make a mix CD of their favorite songs.
  • Give a makeover! She picks when, and you become her stylist for a day.
  • Repurpose and decorate empty glass jars, aluminum cans, or plastic bottles to create a vase, pen holder, bird feeder, or something else useful.
  • Paint smooth stones or shells that you find.
  • How about an Adulting School class on a topic they always struggle with? Offer to do it together and spend some quality time learning something new or mastering a life skill.

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