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Why hello, you amazing adult, you. You’ve taken the first step toward hardcore #adulting and that deserves some love!  When we started this school we never dreamed we’d go viral and that anyone would be interested beyond our humble city of Portland, Maine.  When that happened we wanted to make sure we had something for people beyond Maine that we could offer while we develop ours for the interwebs.  So we affiliated with Udemy and selected classes that you could take to get  started in this wonderful thing  called “Adulting.” You can take the classes here.  If you’re in a hurry to learn click away.  While you’re doing that don’t neglect to join our  online campus .  There we will be supporting you.  We will be providing prompts, cheering you on, reading your thoughts and responding to questions.  Sure, you can take classes by yourself with your computer.  Adulting School wants to actually help you learn and grow.


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