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Our classes are relaxed, where you may be able to have a drink and a nosh and not feel the pressure that “school” has been in the past.

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If you live in Maine you know that the winters are long and unpredictable so we hunker down in front of the fire, or we find video of a yule log and drink hot toddies either way.

We are planning great things for April and beyond.

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Compassionate Communication

Adulting School presents…

Compassionate Communication



<style="font-weight: 400;">sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.


From family to sales, from political discussions to things as simple as talking to customer service. are we truly connecting?  Often we forget, communication is more than words.

Through acting exercises, games, interactive fun and sometimes emotional connecting, you’ll learn skills to engage in communication that takes you from talking AT each other to talking TO each other.  You’ll learn how to pay attention to subtleties and non verbal communication.

These skills are universal! Are you afraid of conflict or have trouble speaking your truth? Maybe you’re in sales or customer service; there will be something here for everyone.

To note: All classes are filmed for use on our website.  In this particular class, we will have a national news outlet filming.  It’s possible you may be asked for an interview.


Our HUGE thanks to The Portland Club for sponsoring this event!


About the instructor Rachel Flehinger:

As an award winning actress and improv comedian, former radio morning show personality,  frequent MC and public speaker, Rachel has been able to use her acting and improv teaching skills to help those who are shy, reserved, fearful of failure or resistant to change make themselves feel better and make real, tangible progress.  Her teaching has resulted in better sales and even romantic connections. Rachel has been a guest on numerous blogs, podcasts, and websites and articles including The Bangor Daily News, Portland Press Herald, The NY Post and CBS among others. As COO of the Adulting School, Rachel is thrilled to help teach skills to help people thrive as successful adults.


WHEN: April 9th 6-8pm

WHERE: The Portland Club  156 State St, Portland, ME 04101

HOW MUCH: This event is FREE however we ask that you RSVP for a headcount for snacks