Teach For Us


Thanks for your interest in teaching for Adulting School!


We’re very excited that you see the value in helping to teach skills that may be lacking.  We are hoping to enrich people’s lives with these skills whatever they may be. Similar to our “Write For Us” page, there are a some guidelines we’d like to spell out for you ahead of time.

A Few Things:

  1. Be an expert.  We don’t necessarily expect you to have a formal education in what you know, maybe you don’t even have a business in it but know it. The school of experience and hard knocks is a school too. We DO expect that your content is creative, original, high quality, and useful to our community.  Visit adultingschool.com and take our quiz. There you’ll see the types of subjects we teach and the some of the articles we’re looking for. We are not limited to those, be creative!
  2. Make us a sample! Show us what you got!  Hell, if we like it, we may ask you to be a regular contributor!  We are looking for a video, non longer than 3 minutes to show us what you might be teaching, you’re style etc.  We want you to SHINE. We want our students to get valuable information but we don’t want to BORE them! See below for more specs on what to submit.
  3. Don’t be a dick. Everyone knows something but we LOATHE condescending pricks who get on a holier-than-thou high horse and tell everyone else how stupid they are. So while we invite sarcastic teachers, we don’t want you insulting our students.
  4. Consider who our students are. Be relaxed and engaging. Our audience is pretty even mix of men and women ages 22-37 who are interested in enriching themselves.  If you haven’t taken the quiz, see number one.
  5. You will get an opportunity to sell yourself and/or your wares. HOWEVER (and this is a biggie), THIS IS A LEARNING PLATFORM NOT A SELLING PLATFORM.  Mentions of your business are fine.  Lead generation should be a natural result of your expertise and learning style not your sales pitch (that is a real lesson, take it to heart). As an Adulting School teacher, you will also get a full bio.  You will be able to provide backlinks.
  6. Keep it simple. For now, we are looking for one off lessons not whole programs.  Consider them a teaser to get people interested in what you do.  A mini lesson letting them “date” you.  Once we establish a paywall, you’ll have the opportunity develop a more equitable relationship with us.

What should you submit?

  • We are looking for a sample of your teaching: It should be no more than 3 minutes long.  It doesn’t have to be the exact location you’d teach from but it should give us an idea that you know how to make yourself look and sound presentable.  
  • Keep it Conversational: RELAX! If you’re nervous, we’re nervous. You’re not presenting for a CEO of a company, chill.
  • Simplify it: Especially if you’re teaching a class that is particularly difficult to understand.  Show us that you can make something digestible.
  • How to submit: Upload your video to YouTube and provide us with a link below.  Once you have that link, submit it below.

Note: We do have many submissions so unfortunately we won’t be able to respond to everyone.  If we pick up what you’re putting down we’ll reach out to you.

What’s in it for you?

We are building our community, as such we are looking for early adopters, teachers to get in on the bottom floor and establish themselves as experts.  We are offering free content to our students to form a solid base so that we can smoothly transition into a paid membership model. Moving forward we’ll tell you more about an equitable relationship.

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