Sure, everyone wants you to believe they have their shit together and so should you. This sucks, and it’s why WE at Adulting School want to help with the things you don’t know—you know—because you were probably never taught them! Rachel and Rachel of Adulting School created this space for people, no matter WHAT age, who still don’t know (for example) WTF an APR is, or how to fix the hole in their wall so they don’t lose their security deposit. Since Rachel Weinstein’s brainchild went viral (woot!) we’ve been operating the school in Portland, Maine. It’s time now to expand our reach and help as many people as we can. We’re taking it DIGITAL, baby! Like anything good in life, it takes time. Be patient and subscribe while we curate the best online classes on the subjects that are most practical for your adult lives. We’re committed to providing you judgement-free help, gentle cajoling, and a whole lot of levity. Just like you’re not experts in every topic, we’re not either. But we DO have the backgrounds and chutzpah needed to support you through your challenges with Adulting. We’ve got all the good #adulting stuff right here. And if it’s not here, tell us and we’ll find it
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