Kirsten Milliken, Ph.D.

Kirsten Milliken, Ph.D.



As a kid reading, riding her bike long distances, and travel were Kirsten’s passions.  Staying up to midnight reading under the blankets was one of her “bad girl” behaviors.  (Yep, a goody-two-shoes).  She was a “gifted student.”  Of course, this was much later identified as “being prone to wild imagination, distractibility, and lack of motivation” in a traditional classroom setting- ADHD!  As a psychologist, Kirsten became interested in researching ways to reduce the challenges of ADHD. Dr. Milliken stumbled on the fact that playfulness is the antidote to the neurochemical deficits related to ADHD.  In 2013 Kirsten founded a company and wrote the book, “PlayDHD.”  Play + ADHD= PlayDHD.  Game on!  Since then Kirsten has been teaching other adults and kids how to incorporate play to make challenging tasks fun and thereby, easier. “If it’s not fun, I’m probably not going to do it,” says Kirsten.  Thankfully, she has found ways to make most things fun. Kirsten now brings her interest in using playfulness to manage attention and motivation to the Adulting community.  “Adulting is to Millenials what any mundane task is to anyone with ADHD- difficult, but not impossible.”  

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