Rachel Flehinger

Rachel Flehinger



Conservative. Quiet. Shrinking violet. Words never uttered in the same sentence as Rachel Flehinger. A professional improv comedian, teacher, and actress, Rachel has made a life and living out of being in the moment. Her irreverent, edgy style has taken her straight from The George Washington University to the New York City food service industry (a-hem, acting career). Adulting won out though and it was during her internet marketing career tragedy struck with the illness of her mother. Rachel moved to Maine pursing her passion. Back to the service industry (a-hem, improv comedy career), it was! Rachel had always been teaching informally so it was finally time to jump in with both feet. So now, in addition to teaching acting and improv, she coaches others to stay true to themselves while learning the skills they need but were never taught. She does so with a kindness and comedy that instantly puts people at ease but don’t be fooled, she isn’t afraid to take the hard line when necessary. Rachel gets the life of the side hustle, (they include dog grooming, call centers and eBay listing, among others), she gets the overworked/underpaid and the desire to do something better with the world. We can do this. Together.

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