Rachel Weinstein

Rachel Weinstein



Underneath Rachel’s rock and roll exterior is a radical authenticity that is both kick ass and what gets her in trouble. She’s a therapist in a Buddhist-informed private practice and Empress of Adulting School (though previous jobs do include logging and running a pool hall).

She got her grad degree in Boulder, CO where she met her husband-to-be and then moved to Maine where she knew no one else and shivered for 7 months a year. She’s now knows how to swing an axe and start a fire in the wood stove so she’s not as cold anymore.

After recognizing how many folks didn’t know basic stuff (like how to start a fire or budget for avocado toast AND electricity) and felt ashamed about it, she started Adulting School which went viral in the Fall of 2016.

In her life outside of Adulting School you might find her hanging with her chickens, drinking a dirty martini, or handing out umbrellas to panhandlers on a rainy day.

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