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There are so many things to learn these days and so many people to teach them. – We invite you to write for our students at Adulting School.

Adulting School’s mission is: To help our students learn how to succeed as adults, and to have fun while feeling accepted and supported while they learn.Writers can help us do just that. Writing for Adulting School is a great way to gain experience, write for a big and ever-growing audience and show yourself as an expert in a particular subject. We have been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, NBS Nightly News, The Huffington Post, among many other media outlets.  

Please read through all the guidelines to learn how to submit a piece so that has a better chance of acceptance:

A Few Things:

  1. Be an expert.  We don’t necessarily expect you to have a formal education in what you know, maybe you don’t even have a business in it.  The school of  experience and hard knocks is a school too. We DO expect that your content is creative, original, high quality, and useful to our community. If you visit adultingschool.com and take our quiz.  There you’ll see the types of subjects we teach and the some of the articles we’re looking for.  Also, join our campus, see our new and burgeoning community and get in on the ground floor.  We love early adopters.    
  2. Don’t just pitch us an idea, write the damn thing! While we value great ideas, we value great writing even more.  Hell, if we like it, we may ask you to be a regular contributor!
  3. We don’t publish pricks. Everyone knows something but we LOATHE condescending pricks who get on a holier-than-thou high horse and tell everyone else how stupid they are. So while we invite sarcastic, snarky writers, we don’t want you insulting our readers.
  4. It helps to write for our audience. We are committed to helping writers preserve their own voice, but articles for Adulting School should fit in with the tone and vision of our site and what our students look for.  Be fun and funny. Be relaxed and engaging. Our audience is pretty even mix of men and women ages 22-37 who are interested in enriching themselves.  If you haven’t taken the quiz, see number one.
  5. You will get an opportunity to sell yourself and/or your wares. As an Adulting School Author, you will also get a full author bio at the end of the post to promote yourself and your brand a bit more. We are fine with backlinks here, usually to a site and a social network or two.  
  6. We do not guarantee specific types of backlinks. If a backlink occurs naturally in your writing, that is fine. But do NOT try to hide that shit. We’ll find it and be very angry. You will not like us when we’re angry.
  7. We do not publish sponsored content or paid articles. That one seems pretty self-explanatory, so enough said.

What We Look for in a Writer

Writing for Adulting School isn’t like writing for snooty, academic types. Our content encourages dialogue between the writers and their readers. Over the years, we’ve compiled a list of characteristics that make for a great blogger. While you’re writing, keep these guidelines in mind.

  1. Keep it Conversational: Speaking in first or second person helps keep the article casual, and the tone inviting. Think of your guest post as a personal blog, then write it. 
  2. Simplify it: Though you are encouraged to support your arguments with facts and statistics, keep the writing simple and to the point. Keep paragraphs short and break sections up with headers.
  3. Tell a story: The main reasons why we write are to inform and to entertain, so entertain our readers. Keep your posts interesting and relevant.
  4. Know how to start and know how to end: It’s important for our readers to know what to expect at the beginning of the article, and what they’ve learned at the end. Be clear and be concise. But don’t flat out say, “In this article I will show you…” or “In closing…” —instead, make sure to include solid introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

Last thing:

Adulting School is brandy new.  At this time there is no payment for articles but, as we said, we are happy to provide backlinks and author bios!

Good luck — we can’t wait to hear from you!


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